7 Unique Businesses You Can Find Only in Savannah City Market 

The heart of Savannah can be found in City Market. See for yourself with our list of businesses that offer one-of-a-kind experiences in Savannah City Market.

City Market has been the hub of Savannah for centuries and has become an iconic destination for art, music and entertainment in downtown Savannah. It’s one of the few places where you find an extensive array of local artists, boutique shops, live music, authentic restaurants and history connecting people with the city and each other. With more than 40 merchants, Savannah City Market is a popular location for local artists and businesses to showcase their talents and provide unique experiences. It’s where locals still feel like they’re home, and visitors can enjoy seeing all the things that make Savannah great – in one place.

Best Pie Shop in Georgia, Little Crown by Pie Society

Pie Society Savannah City Market

In 2020, 24/7 Wall Street listed The Little Crown by Pie Society as the pest pie shop in Georgia thanks to the variety of pies, desserts and cocktails made using authentic British recipes. This family-owned and operated business serves 9 meat pies, 12 dessert pies, plus quiches, pastries, shortbread and other desserts, offered by The Pie Society in its mini pub and two atrium dining rooms, The Snug and The Conservatory. The most popular pie is Steak & Ale so make sure you give it a try. Also, the iconic Sausage Roll is a perfect snack for walking around downtown.

Sweetgrass basket weaver, Jery’s Baskets

Jery Taylor Savannah City Market

Jery Taylor is a renowned sweetgrass basket weaver from South Carolina, where she learned the skill from her grandmother in Boone Hall Plantation. Sweetgrass basket weaving is a traditional West African art form practiced by the Gullah Geechee people, descendants of enslaved Africans who live in the Lowcountry region of the southeastern United States. 

Jery Taylor is celebrated for his mastery of this craft, which involves weaving baskets using sweetgrass. These baskets are known for their intricate designs and skilled craftsmanship, passed down through generations. She is one of a few people who knows the pattern to make bulrush baskets; she even makes a special Jery’s Sweet Rush basket, which combines sweetgrass materials with the bulrush technique. 

Jery’s Baskets is highly prized for its quality and beauty, and she has contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of Gullah Geechee culture through her artistry. Her baskets have been featured on HGTV and the Discovery Channel. Jery Taylors’ baskets and art are sought after by collectors and can be found in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian museums, galleries and private collections around the world, and of course, in Savannah City Market.

First rooftop bar, Tree House Savannah

Tree House Savannah opened in 2006 under its original name, the Rooftop Tavern, and became one of the first rooftop bars in Savannah. At the time, open-air venues were popular in places such as New Orleans and Key West, but were considered an oddity to the Savannah-scene. This open-air concept would not be considered an oddity for much longer. In 2012, the original owners rebranded the Rooftop Tavern into what we now know as The Tree House. The rebrand included the addition of live local entertainment during the day with DJs and dancing in the evening, six days a week, eventually taking on the motto, “Live Music Lives Here.”

Since the rebrand in 2012, Tree House Savannah has become one of the most popular bars in Savannah, winning numerous awards, including “Savannah’s Best Nighttime Spot” by Savannah Magazine several years in a row. The Tree House is widely acclaimed for providing an atmosphere to enjoy a drink, dance, and maintain conversations with friends all at the same time. The balconies are one of the best features of the bar, overlooking Savannah City Market and the historic beauty of downtown Savannah. If you find yourself at The Tree House, be sure to try the original “Liquid Marijuana” drink in the first place it was served by the original patent and copyright owner. The “Liquid Marijuana” is a fruity cocktail that contains spiced and coconut rum, pineapple juice, sour mix and other delicious flavors that make for the perfect summer day cocktail.

Get a treetop view of downtown Savannah from Tree House Savannah and order a Liquid Marijuana while you are here.

First Prohibition Museum, American Prohibition Museum

American Prohibition Museum

On May 29, 2016, the first prohibition museum in the United States opened in Savannah City Market. This isn’t your typical museum. The American Prohibition is an interactive experience with costumed actors, wax figures and a speakeasy bar to teach you about the time from the Temperance Movement to the Repeal of Prohibition. Prohibition isn’t something you learn about in school and you usually don’t hear about it as an adult, but it affected so many things in our country – income tax, women’s rights, blue laws. Now, you get to experience it in the center of Savannah’s historic area. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, learn about this interesting part of our history and enjoy the finest-crafted cocktails at the American Prohibition Museum.

Largest candy counter, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

The Wall of Candy at Savannah Candy in Savannah City Market

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is the largest candy counter in Georgia. Established in 1990 by Stan, “the Candy Man,” Strickland, the original location is still operating on River Street today. The counter started as a way for Stan to preserve and share his mother’s southern recipes with the public. Now, the counter sells its famous pralines and gourmet popcorn as well as fudge, ice cream, cakes and more to satisfy every type of sweet tooth. The Great Wall of Candy is a blast from the past with all of your favorite candies available for purchase by the pound. Visitors enjoy samples and photos when visiting to experience this Savannah institution. 

Smallest pub in Savannah, Little Crown by Pie Society

Little Crown by Pie Society is the smallest pub in Savannah City Market

Little Crown by Pie Society is Savannah’s smallest British pub experience serving iconic meat pies along with a full miniature bar. This 300-square-foot space is filled with the aroma of pies and the chatter of old and new friends creating memories in City Market. The Little Crown has a rotating cocktail menu that is themed from British pop culture and features a wide selection of gin cocktails, premium liquor and house made syrups and juices. Take a seat at the bar at Savannah’s smallest pub to enjoy a unique craft cocktail our English pub ale. Customer favorites are the Butter Beer and Pimm’s Cup. 

Largest pub in Savannah, Wexford Pub

Wexford Pub Savannah

Wexford Pub is currently under construction in Savannah City Market, and when completed it will be the largest pub in Savannah and one of the largest pubs in Georgia. With 15,000 square feet, Wexford promises to be unlike any other restaurant concept in the area, setting the stage for an unprecedented guest experience filled with captivating entertainment and storytelling. Wexford has three equal partners: siblings, Jennifer Strickland and Tim Strickland, owners of River Street Sweets and the River Street Restaurant group, and entrepreneur, Christopher Swanson. All live in Savannah. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, Jennifer, Tim and Chris partnered in Churchill’s Pub on Broughton Street. After that successful venture, Wexford seemed only natural. When the opportunity became available as the Wexford owners were searching for a spot, it seemed a perfect fit. In fact, Jennifer and Tim’s father, Stan Strickland, had a restaurant in the same location back in the eighties. Wexford Pub will appeal to all of the senses: delicious meals and beverages, lively Irish tunes, and the company of friends and family, old and new. 

Wexford Pub is expected to open in June 2024, so be on the lookout for the date!