The Quintessential Savannah Experience

Savannah City Market, situated in the heart of downtown, stands as a vibrant and historically significant hub of commerce, artistic expression, and community interaction. Nestled between the iconic Franklin and Ellis Squares, these four city blocks resonate with the captivating tales of merchants, marketgoers, travelers, and tradesmen, as well as the spirited atmosphere fostered by pub proprietors and restaurateurs. Presently, this tradition endures as both locals and visitors convene at City Market to enjoy its array of restaurants, bars, shops, and studios. From the City Market pavilion, one can embark on a trolley journey to the riverfront and explore other historic sites, before returning to witness the creative endeavors of local artists, concoct a personalized cocktail, or savor the delectable taste of freshly baked, sweet southern pralines. The sights, sounds, and aromas that permeate Savannah City Market encapsulate the essence of cherished moments and create enduring memories.


Art in the Heart of Savannah

Art has long been a part of City Market’s history. Our second-story Art Center is home to dozens of local artist studios, open to visitors who want to see beautiful art in the making. Watch artists at work and experience a variety of genres and media, from fine photography to the storytelling paintings of the Gullah-Geechee people.

A Savannah Hub Since the 1700s

Centuries ago, Savannahians came to City Market to buy food, services, and other goods. City Market survived two fires and the Civil War and weathered Savannah’s great hurricane of 1896 only to fall into disrepair as the Savannah’s population and commerce spread out across the city. Thanks to Savannah’s powerful preservation movement, City Market is now home to some of the Historic District’s most popular restaurants, shops, and galleries, fulfilling its original purpose of connecting people with the city and each other.