Welcome back Signature Gallery of Savannah!

Signature Gallery has been part of the Savannah City Market family since 1992. After the unexpected close-down of our shops and galleries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to welcome them back! During the closing, they were busy redesigning the interior space to give a more open feel and allow the fine art to take center stage. Keep reading to learn more about this unique space in Savannah City Market and to get a peek at the work done to bring in a more up-beat feel to the gallery.

When did you originally open in Savannah City Market? 
Originating in August 1992, Signature Gallery was the dream that came to life through the imagination and creativity of Kathy Miller, Sharon Saseen, and Mark McKim.  With almost thirty years in the same City Market location, surviving economic ups and downs, we consider ourselves a fixture in Savannah’s art community. Signature has garnered a reputation for fine art that represents many mediums and artistic styles.

How would you describe the gallery? Who does it appeal to?
Signature Gallery is a fine art cooperative gallery that 16 partner, in-residence, local artists call home. Each artist brings to the table their “brand” of artistic talent. From traditional to cutting edge, Signature’s oil, watercolor, mixed media, etchings, photography, acrylic, jewelry, pottery, stained glass, encaustics, and sculpture works grace collections far and wide.

We are fortunate to have a clientele that is both local and transient. Tourism plays a major role in maintaining our success due to the following we have established. People from all walks of life visit us time and again to see what is new or to bring home a piece from one of their favorite Signature artists!

What is the inspiration for the work you share?
Artists are quirky beings. Regardless of the medium they work in, most artists need the camaraderie of other like thinking individuals that actually think outside the box they’re living in. At Signature Gallery, we make up a rather unique artistic family that enjoy bouncing ideas off of one another and the general public that come to visit.

As artists, we all consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to produce such varied pieces of fine art as a whole and then, to be able to enjoy the added advantage of sharing it with our visitors…well, that’s just icing (or should we say paint) on the proverbial cake!

Describe the experience people can expect when they visit your gallery or purchase work from featured artists?
When visiting Signature Gallery, one can always be assured one of our partner artists will be on duty to welcome them and answer questions. Most artists love to talk shop and that’s surely the case here. All of our award-winning partners are well versed on each other’s work and can readily describe the processes that go into creating a piece.

From Kathy Miller’s etchings to Jim Guerard’s photography, there is surely something available at Signature that suits any design requirement and price point. However, should a client wish a custom piece, they can easily call to find when a favored artist is on duty and come in to chat or just give a call or email and the brainstorming can begin!

Along with the physical gallery, a new website was created to delve into the background and artists that make up Signature Gallery. On this site, there is also an online shop view and purchase select pieces directly. To learn more about the Signature Gallery of Savannah, visit in person at 303 West Saint Julian Street Savannah, GA 31401 or online at www.signaturegallerysavannah.com.