Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Knock Your Dad’s Socks Off

We hear it every year — “Mother’s get all the attention and dad’s get no love.” “Everybody forgets about Father’s Day.” “We go all out for moms and all we get is a pair of socks and a tie.” We hear you dads, so this year we are creating a gift guide that’s all about the fathers. Consider this a Father’s Day gift from Savannah City Market to all of you!

Food: It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If this is the case with your dad, then treat him to some of the best seafood and steaks in town. Belford’s Savannah has weekly specials as well as staple menu items that has earned Belford’s recognition as one of the best restaurants in The Hostess City. But, if you want to keep it simple, head over to Vinnie Van GoGo’s for the best pizza in town (Yes, you can get a beer with that!).

Cigars: When it comes to buying cigars, you don’t want to skip out on quality or selection. You’re in luck because Savannah Cigars offers both quantity and quality. Stop in for cigars, smoking accessories, e-cigarettes, pipes, and more.

Beverages: The Georgia Tasting Room is more than wine. Get locally sourced craft beers, mead, moonshine, and more.

Sweets: What better way to show your dad that you care than a box filled with gourmet sweets? Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has everything from pralines to peanut brittle in tins and towers. Candy-loaded boxes are definitely better than another tie.

Art: No matter what type of art your dad likes, there is something for every style and budget in Savannah City Market. You’ll find everything from abstract art to street art to fine art. Our artists can create something your dad will remember. Take a look at the gallery list or visit the Art Center to find the right one.

Adventure: Imagine how much fun it would be to explore 6,000 square feet filled with galleries, exhibits, vintage cars, a functioning speakeasy, and more dedicated to all things alcohol. Treat your dad to a great time learning about prohibition at The American Prohibition Museum. It’s not your typical dry museum, but if dad would rather skip the learning and get straight to the drinking, head straight to the speakeasy upstairs. You can also purchase tickets to a cocktail class at Congress Street Up where certified bartenders will teach him how to make classic cocktails. Classes are held every Monday at 6:30 p.m. but limited space is available. Buy online and save even more.

When you’re done with City Market fun, keep the party going in our courtyard to enjoy live music and good company. Check out the music schedule then make plans to give your dad something special this Father’s Day.