City Market Artists Celebrate Adopt-A-Shelter Pet Day with a Gift to the Humane Society of Greater Savannah

Pets have a special place in our hearts here in Savannah City Market. Whether in the courtyard, on a walk or visiting, Woof Gang Bakery, pets can be seen adding some life to our home in downtown Savannah. That’s why this partnership between two City Market artists, Marcee Musgrove and David Laughlin, and the Humane Society for Greater Savannah is the perfect match.
The Humane Society for Greater Savannah knew they wanted to do something special with a 7’ x 20’ wall on one end of a field adjacent to the shelter. They envisioned it as a space where animal lovers can play with their newly adopted fur babies for the first time. So, they reached out to Marcee. She connected with David and had paint provided by the Savannah College of Art and Design. Both city market artists chose to participate in this project because of their deep love of animals and the in the hopes of showing people that the Humane Society in Savannah is a place of love and care and a great place to find a new friend. The idea for the mural is just as the title reads, “Better Together.”

In July 2020, the wall where the now beautiful mural stands was a plain, boring concrete cinderblock wall draped in vines, crowded by overgrown bushes and overgrown trees, and covered in dirt. First, volunteers cleared the wall. After a few months of altering the mural plans, it was finalized and painting began in September 2020. By the first week of April, the mural was complete. In total, the mural took about 80 hours of painting, all of which were volunteered. The Humane Society had a $300 budget for the project, so any cost that went over that price was donated as an unpaid passion project.
This project was especially important to Marcee who took in a mom stray cat and her kittens early in 2020 and personally experienced what it is that the Humane Society has to offer. She took the cats to Pet Fix at the Humane Society of Greater Savannah to be spayed. She says she was most impressed by the exceptional level of care and love the staff showed towards not only her animals but to her as well. Also mentioned was how affordable and comforting the entire process was and how unique it was as it is the only place in Savannah to have feral cats spayed. She was so grateful for the care she received that when asked approached by a previous student asking if she would consider taking on the mural project, she was thrilled to accept.
The artists envisioned the mural serving as a place for people adopting and playing with the animals to stop and take a photograph. Now, that vision is a reality as everyone who adopts a pet can enjoy the art before taking their new pet to its forever home. This mural is a great reminder of what is means to be “Better Together!”

About the Artists

Marcee is an abstract impressionist painter and has been a professional artist for 11 years.
She has a lot of experience with faux finishes and inside murals, so this project did present a new challenge, but she was confident it would work out beautifully. Her medium is acrylic paint and she sometimes adds bits of mixed media to her pieces as well. Marcee has been in Savannah City Market since March 2017.  She joined Signature Gallery in June 2020. She loves the music, all the visitors, the historic buildings and the events that make City Market so special. She is so pleased to be a part of the wonderfully historic Savannah, GA. 

David is a sign/lettering professional. Additionally, he specializes in pet portraits and even does commissioned pet portraits. His current focus is a series of spirit animals of whimsical and colorful animals. David left us with the message #adoptolderdogs.

See the Art

Meet the artists in City Market and also go see the painting at the Humane Society in Savannah at 7215 Sallie Mood Drive.
Marcee Musgrove
Instagram:  @whitelotusarts
Signature Gallery of Savannah, ground level
David Laughlin
Instagram: @theidofdav
David Laughlin Studio, City Market Art Center (upstairs)