Meet the Artist: Diane Parham

Just above Savannah’s Candy Kitchen and The Georgia Tasting Room is a group of studios and galleries filled with all types of art. One of the artists, Diane Parham, has been here for 15 years sharing her art of knitting with travelers and locals. Recently, we were able to chat with her about Diane’s Knitting Studio. Read some of the interview, watch the full video, and whenever you come to Savannah City Market, be sure to say hello to all of the artists in the Art Center.

Why did you decide to open in City Market? I came to Savannah specifically because they used to have an Arts & Crafts Fair on River Street for 11 months out of the year. I was able to actually do what I love as a business I always knew knitting was an art form, not just a craft. From there I started looking for venues because I knew Savannah is an art town. People would always visit me on the rive and tell me I needed to be in Savannah City Market Art Center. When I visited it, I was in love so I have been here for 15 years. Savannah’s Art Center is great and City Market is a beautiful place to shop, eat, or just walk through.

What can people purchase in the store? Do you ship? I have different pieces of knitting I created such as hats, scarves, wraps, and more. Whatever I think of in my head, I create it. I also offer teaching classes with supplies included. My lessons are guaranteed so if you don’t learn to knit then you don’t pay me; and I haven’t given back any money in 15 years. I teach everyone to include left handers, people who have never knitted, and children. You can purchase in the studio or contact me at (912) 441-9020 or

What do you have coming up this Fall? I am bringing back knitting lessons and classes. I also have a project where knitters will come together and knit different items to give to charities, seniors, children and first responders. Of course, you can always shop for your winter items and request custom pieces. You can’t go wrong with a beanie, head wrap or scarf!