Savannah City Market Top Nine from 2020

Last year was definitely one for the history books. In 2020, we faced many challenges. In spite of some tragedies, there were also many moments of triumphs. One of our favorite memories will be how all of our shops pulled together during the shutdown and re-openings to support each other. It was during those times that the heart and soul of Savannah City Market shined through.

One of our favorite things to do at the end of the year is look back on the top posts online. After reviewing our social media accounts, these photos show posts with the most comments, likes, or shares. We hope you enjoy looking over these highlights as much as we did!

Light up the night! It was so good to end the year on a high note. We had lots of fun spreading holiday cheer at our Holiday Open House (safe and socially-distanced, of course). From decorations to shopping guides to live video tours, all of our Christmas photos were a hit.

Get your drink to-go. When it comes to frozen drinks and daiquiris, Wet Willie’s Savannah City Market has the best in town. There are 16 delicious flavors to choose from but you can also create your own combination. Grab it to-go or enjoy it with a meal!

Savannah is a dream. Our talented artists capture Savannah in all of her beauty. It looks like everyone is a fan of our trees and architecture. This painting from David Laughlin @theidofdav is one of many pieces showcasing our historic downtown area. View select pieces online or go upstairs to the Art Center to see the artists at work.

Glad to be back. Most of our shops were closed from mid-March to mid-May. When they reopened, people near and far were happy to show support. It’s no wonder this photo by @SevenBackpacks showing patio dining at Belford’s Savannah was a favorite image of 2020.

Our artists never disappoint. Savannah City Market is home to four galleries and more than a dozen studios in the Art Center. This painting by Stephen Kasun got attention from our online viewers, and there is more to enjoy. Visit us to watch our artists create or purchase artwork to take home.

Wine smoothie? Yes, please! The Georgia Tasting Room is filled with curated products from all around Georgia and the Coastal South. One of the popular choices is the wine slushies like this Peach Sangria Wine Smoothie posted by @BitchinBitesSav! Even though they offer unique treats, at its core, The Georgia Tasting Room is a wine room with a vast selection of traditional, seasonal, and sometimes quirky local wines for a tasting or a bottle for home.

Safety first. Usually, our St. Patrick’s Celebration is our biggest event of the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festivities were cancelled. There is no surprise that there was chatter about the cancellation announcement, but we are happy to do our part to keep Savannah safe.

Best pizza ever. We love a good pizza, and it looks like you do too. This Instagram post from @SomeHowImNotFat got close to 300 likes plus an additional 100 on Facebook. If you’re looking for the best pizza in Savannah, then Vinnie Van Go Go’s has to be on your list.

Not your typical dry museum. The American Prohibition Museum is home to 20 intoxicating exhibits and a hidden speakeasy. Learn all about the history of prohibition and enjoy some hooch at this interactive museum. Visit America’s first and only prohibition museum in Savannah City Market.

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