Park & Play in Savannah City Market

Welcome to Savanah, Georgia where the weather is warm, and the people are filled with southern hospitality. Savannah is most known for its historical attractions, unique squares, and downtown district. As most people who visit use their own vehicles or rent one, a big part of traveling to Savannah is knowing where to park and when. This quick guide will explain the different places to park and the local rules of parking along with prices.

Parking Garages

In Savannah, we have a number of different parking garages that are available for anyone to use. The parking garages with easy access to Savannah City Market are the Whitaker Parking Garage, Robinson Parking Garage, and State Street Parking Garage. Each parking garage has different pricing for their hourly parking during the week and different flat rates for the weekend. FYI: The Whitaker Parking Garage is closest to the City Market.

Parking Lots

There are quite a few different parking lots in Savannah available to anyone at any time. Some of these lots are by the hour only or by the day. This sometimes is more convenient to those who know that they will be in a general area all day. The closest parking lot to the City Market is the 300-348 W Bryan Street Parking.

Street Parking

There are thousands of street parking lots that use meters, which you would think that there’s more than enough places to park, but it can be chaotic on the weekends or during holidays. With that being said from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday are the paid parking days and times for street parking North of Liberty Street. This means that street parking North of Liberty Street is FREE on Sunday. Parking South of Liberty Street is paid parking from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. What is even better is that parking on Saturday AND Sunday are FREE! If you are parking within the paid parking times, there is a quick and simple way to pay for parking on the street.

Payment for Parking 

There are two main options for paying for street parking in Savannah, GA. Those two options are paying at the meter or paying on the Park Savannah App. Paying at the parking meter is simple but requires a little more time to find the meter or change to use. Paying for parking using the Parking Savannah App is quick and effective, therefore, to make it even quicker, we will explain the steps, so you already know what to do!

Steps for Paying for Parking on Park Savannah App

  1. Download ParkSavannah from your App store
  2. Create Your Account
  3. Enter Vehicle information and Payment method
  4. Enter your parking space number and choose preferred parking duration
  5. Enjoy your time in Savannah, GA

If you need any more information, please visit these websites for more information on street parking and parking garages here in Savannah, GA. Hope to see you soon!