4 Reasons You Should Try the Beef Jerky Experience

It’s a new year and we have new shops joining us! One of the most recent additions to Savannah City Market is The Beef Jerky Experience. This shop is part of the Beef Jerky Outlet, the nation’s leading premium jerky retailer. Now located in the heart of Savannah at the City Market, the Beef Jerky Experience offers simple, delicious, and local fun. It is a family-owned-and-operated shopping and snacking experience with more flavors and varieties of jerky than you will find anywhere.

Here are 4 reasons you should stop by when you visit Savannah City Market.

1. Sample premium beef jerky. This place is jerky heaven with all kinds of beef jerky from original to blazing hot in more than 100 varieties. The jerky top sellers include prime rib jerky, cherry maple smoked beef, Cajun BBQ smoked beef brisket, Honey BBQ smoked beef, teriyaki beef jerky, honey jalapeno beef jerky, Asian sesame beef jerky, broiled crawfish beef jerky, The Reaper smoked beef, and original smoked beef. The product is the highest-quality USDA-approved jerky you can find. Part of the Beef Jerky Experience is free samples of any of the regular jerky vastly presented on the store walls.

2. Try more than beef. Not only is beef on the menu, but they serve elk, buffalo, venison, wild boar, kangaroo, bison, turkey, duck, ostrich, salmon, and alligator! See if you have what it takes to venture to the wild side. Try the FREE SAMPLES, and your taste buds will guide you through the shop to find your favorite jerky flavor.

3. Buy unique treats. Jerky isn’t the only thing to try and buy. Store specialties include snacks, condiments, sweets, and other extras. Try candies, gourmet popcorn, dried fruit and veggies, espresso beans, canned goods, and a variety of unique hot sauces and rubs. Kids and adults alike can select from a variety of fun treats, including lollipops with a special surprise inside such as a snack of crickets or ants.

4. Learn about the products firsthand. Jerky is lean, high in protein, low in calories, and contains less than 3% fat and an extremely long shelf life. The jerky is made in small batches in the U.S.A., so it is always fresh. The knowledgeable employees happily show you the varieties of jerky conveniently displayed in six different jerky zones throughout the store and give you more detailed information about the different jerky texture and flavors. You will also find the owners, John and Irena Jameson, in the store every day, motivated to make everybody a true jerky fan.

Thanks to the Beef Jerky Experience, Savannah vacationers and locals can snack on a tasty lean-protein snack all day long while exploring the area and Historic Savannah with its beautiful homes, shops, and public squares. Come experience jerky you probably would have never seen before, and we hope you never forget! We look forward to seeing you in Savannah City Market.

The Beef Jerky Experience is located at 305 W. St. Julian Street Savannah, GA 31401. Store phone is (866) 956-9241.